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Our Services
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Finding the Path for your Marriage
Realigning your marriage 
to God’s Word

Minding Your Marriage in Difficult Times
Moving Forward In Marriage
Making a Marital Mission Statement

Marital Check Up
Matters of the Heart

Choosing to Change
Rekindling the Fires of Marriage
Teaming Up for a Turnaround
Uncluttering Your Marriage
Building a High Impact Marriage
High Impact Marriage Builders
Building marriages, impacting families
Attend a scheduled event or host the event of your choice.
Through a series of guided exercises, you will discover the specific direction or path for your marriage.
Learn to be still and stop running in every direction and get your marriage on course by God's Word.
Learn to nurture, protect and grow your marriage in the midst of difficult times.
Check the health of your marriage.  You will have a vision, hearing, and heart exam.
Discover what's holding you back.  Learn to break free from stagnation, procrastination and limitation, overcome obstacles and move forward.

Making changes in your marriage may not be as easy as changing the chanel of your TV, but you can change if you choose to.  Learn how in this workshop.
If the passion has burned out of your marriage and the only fire raging is anger, this workshop is for you
Dig deep into heart issues and find healing for the wounded places in your heart.
When things aren't going the way you want them to, you can partner with your spouse and agree to go in a different direction. 
Whether you are influencing children in your home or coaching a team or leading others in any way, your marriage is speaking. Learn to have a positive impact on others.