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Marriage is hard work and often people enter into this relationships with high hopes, loads of baggage, poor relationship skills and few tools to work with. 
It dosen't take long to realize that your marriage is off track  and that it is difficult to get it back intact. 
     We can help you get your marriage back on track.             We offer you an opportunity to learn skills and            acquire tools that will make the work of marriage      building simple, fun and successful.
       You can live a life of high impact. Not only can you get        your marriage on track, you can make an impact on       others.
We provide  you with knowledge that  will empower you to face the difficulties of family life constructively and confidently; freeing you to enjoy all the good things family life has to offer.

Don’t wait another minute. Give us a call. We’ll give you an opportunity to decide if our services are right for you. 
High Impact Marriage Builders
Building marriages, impacting families